Affiliated Fish Club


Show us your fish pictures and videos! Tell us the story of your catch! Patient Fish Stories and Photos will be posted to our Blog. Check out our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram posts with #fishclub.

This exciting contest, to acknowledge and reward your child’s fishing skills, will run from the Memorial Day holiday through the Labor Day holiday. Just catch a fish during the contest period and then submit a short video and/or photo of your catch, also during the contest period to qualify for one of three $50 Bass Pro Shops Gift Cards. That’s not all! All qualified submissions are also eligible to receive a limited edition Affiliated Fish Club T-Shirt, while supplies last.

Have a nice catch from 2017 or 2018 you want to share that doesn’t qualify for the contest? Not to worry, submitted photos and/or videos are still eligible to receive a Limited Edition Affiliated Dental Specialists T-Shirt or Limited Edition Fish Club Sticker, while supplies last.

Don’t forget — include any interesting details of your fishing adventure (encouraged but optional) as well as, your first name and date fish was caught (mandatory) to qualify your submission.

All submissions can be emailed to Pat at

Official Rules:

  1. Contest open to anyone with an active patient account at Affiliated Dental Specialists, Ltd. (Orthodontics and/or Pediatric Dentistry)
  2. All fish in submitted photos or videos must have been legally caught by the active patient account holder during the contest period. (see below)
  3. To qualify for one of the three monthly gift card awards, fish in submitted photo or video must have been caught and submitted within the contest period. (May 26, 2018-September 3, 2018)
  4. Three $50 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card winners will be chosen randomly from entries submitted. Submission periods will run May 26, 2018-June 30, 2018 for Gift Card #1, July 1, 2018-July 31, 2018 for Gift Card #2, and August 1, 2018-September 3, 2018 for Gift Card #3.
  5. T-Shirt give away limited to one per active account holder and limited to sizes and numbers on hand at the beginning of the contest.