Patient Fish Stories with Max

Patient Fish Stories are some of the best parts of the Fish Club! We love the pictures, but it’s great to hear about the catch from the point of view of the fisherman or fisherwoman. Enjoy Max’s Fish Stories and Photos.

This monster bass was my biggest of the year at the time and I also got it on a dropshot. It weighed 4 pounds and 9 ounces and I put up a crazy fight on my light line and tiny hook.

This bass is by far my biggest of the year. I caught it on a jig after skipping it up under a dock. I felt him hit it and I let it swim for a second before setting the hook and trying to wrestle it out of the dock. My friend missed the first time with the net but then he netted it and brought it onto the boat and I started flipping out because it was so huge. I didn’t have my scale with me to weigh it but we figured it must have been close to 6 pounds.

I got this three pound bass on a drop shot when I casted it under my friends boat which is in the background.

I caught this 3.66 pound smallmouth in door county when I went on a weekend fishing trip.

I caught this bass from shore when I was fishing a pond with my two friends

I caught this musky on the same day out of a pond! He bit a spinner bait and measured around 30 inches! It was my third ever musky

This largemouth was about 2 1/2 pounds and I caught it on a dropshot.

I caught this pretty big walleye on a huge bluegill swimbait late at night in the middle of my lake on the sand bar.

I had to cast my bait under a boat to catch this small largemouth!

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